Artist: Ruth Righi

This fun video for Disney Channel was a blast! We wanted the girls looks to be timeless, fun and realistic for teens!

Hey DJ

Artist: CNCO Feat. Meghan Trainor and Sean Paul

I live for period pieces so this vintage inspired music video was a delight to style.  Many of the items were modern and combined with vintage touches to create a trendy fusion. I scoured vintage stores, rental houses, and my own vintage collection to find dresses, jewelry and accessories for the large background cast.

Ruby Rock

Artist: Ruby Rose Turner

This ice cream sherbet themed video was a blast! I wanted to keep the design edgy and current while keeping the the pastel color palette.  By distressing white denim and pairing it with the color scheme achieved a fun youthful look that wasn’t too overly feminine.  Ruby had a variation of looks for this video keeping her sporty and colorful and standing out just enough from her background dancers.

Wait Up

Artist: Mason Coutinho Feat. Angelic

I absolutely loved dressing these kids up for this adorable shipwreck themed music video. While the male lead appeared very trendy and beachy, I chose more exotic looks for the female lead.  I loved how they coordinated with each other and the dream world they were performing in.

Consequence of Love

Artist: Gregory Porter

Director Lorne Hilster

This charming music video explores the different loving dynamics in a low income neighborhood.  I wanted the characters to look nostalgic and simply dressed.  While nothing could look too expensive, I still wanted to maintain a sweet look overall.   I used a muted color pallet with a nod toward the 1950s.  The artist’s soulful voice carries the narrative as each character dynamic unfolds.

Me Gusta

Artist: El Potro Alvarez Feat. Oscarcito

Directed by Daniel Duran

This music video was a large production that filmed on Alcatraz Island.  There were several groups of cast all needing to be individualized, stylized, and fashion forward. The lead singers and featured talent have costume-made pieces with black and gold accents to look militaristic and high fashion.

Back To Church

Artist: Alyson Stoner

Artist: Alyson Stoner    

This music video was meant to represent an urban jungle.  The video features dancer groups representing different animals.  The animal they are playing is paralleled in their style of dance.  I needed to create a cohesive urban look while still incorporating the jungle theme.  All items were custom made in urban silhouettes and hand dyed and distressed to look wild.  The lead singer wears a custom strappy leotard with hand jeweled African print with a torn chiffon tail.

Dance Video Throwdown

Artist: OMI

Director: Ryan Parma

This video is an all time favorite of mine.  The juxtaposition of youthful modern dance and old-time steam punk style was inspiring to me.   The dancers in this video were meant to be puppets coming alive for the night in this edgy fantasy music video.

Ni Una Lagrima

Artist: Joey Montana

This romantic and sexy music video was meant to give people the feel of a dimly lit bar you would stumble upon on vacation. The main star was kept in a more trendy look where the female dancers had more beachy vacation vibes. The soft exposed skin on the female lead was highlighted beautifully with the abundant candle light in the production design.

Mr. All The Wrong Ones

Artist: Jared Shaw

This sexy music video was very enjoyable to work on. From the trendy club attire to the brief homage to the movie, Atonement, I loved the looks for this video.  My favorite aspect being the costume corset and lingerie I made for the bedroom sequence.

Memoir “Look Away”

The multicultural aspect of this video was very fun to work with. Contrasting fabric, color and texture with the dry desert ground was very inspiring.

The multicultural aspect of this video was very fun to work with. Contrasting fabric, color and texture with the dry desert ground was very inspiring.

Love Is Cocaine

Artist: Rebecca Pidgeon

This simplistically styled music video was all about the subtle details of fabric, touches of custom jewelry and the movement.  For this video, I hand stitched weights to the hem of her white skirt to enhance the drama it gave when she danced.


Artist: Darren Hart

We Go Home

Artist: The Avener Ft. Adam Cohen

4 Chord

Artist: Axis of Awesome

Miss Out of Control

Artist: The Electrolightz

Sexual Harassment

Artist: Axis of Awesome

Can You Hear

Artist: Axis of Awesome


Artist: Shane Dawson

This Life

Artist: Shane Dawson


Artist: Shane Dawson

It’s My Belly Button

Artist: Rhett & Link