Accident, Suicide or Murder

TV Series - Oxygen Network

This years new crime show!


TV Series - Black Pills

Directed by Barthelemy Grossmann

This controversial drama was a challenge to costume. The lead character had to look realistic but still show her power as a women. For this series it was all about displaying her character arch through wardrobe.  The lead, Kabby Borders (Game Night), earned an Emmy nomination for this role.

A Girl is a Gun

TV Series - BlackPills

Directed by Mathieu Tonetti

This 1970s inspired femme-fatale piece was a dream. I personally love period pieces and this television serious had it all: female empowerment and sexy jumpsuits! Amazing performances by Denise Richards (Wild Things) and Charlotte McKinney (Baywatch).

A Christmas Reunion

ION Television

Directed by Sean Olsen

Written by Margaret Base

This Christmas themed movie combined NYC style and wholesome small town life. Both styles were import to capture and celebrate at different points in this film. I especially enjoyed working with Denise Richards (007-The World Is Not Enough) and even used about 10 of my own personal coats!

Stepping High

Harmony Gold

Directed By Henri Charr

Written By Sreescanda

Stepping High is an American dream story with a dancing twist. Designing costumes for dancing and performing is something I have years of experience with from TV.  Not only do these dancers playing high school students have to look young and colorful, but they need to be able to utilize full range of motion and have the costumes accentuate that.  The finale performance in this film featured custom-made Bolly-wood inspired costumes.  The pieces were colorful, cinematic, and as with true ballroom costumes, individually rhinestoned by hand creating a stunning effect with lighting.

Open Marriage

MarVista Entertainment for Lifetime

Directed B Sam Irvin

Written By Jason Byers

Open Marriage is a sexy story of two Hollywood millennial couples.  In this movie it was important to keep the looks modern, provocative, and LA trendy.  Lingerie was designed specifically for each character to reflect their personalities and give them a wild sides. With several scenes being set at a swingers club, it was important to create an environment predominately through wardrobe. Finding a balance between the story line and the network was also a challenge for this film and always something that needs to be considered for a costume designer. In the end the fusion was very successful resulting in suggestive sexy clothing that was appropriate for the story and the target market.

The Other Mother

MarVista Entertainment for Lifetime

Directed by Sean Olson

Written By Eric Martin

The Other Mother is a dark suspense film and a fantastic TV movie that allowed me to use interesting colors to provoke the mood of the piece. The dark and treacherous past of the main character called for thoughtful wardrobe choices. With this script it was important to foreshadow what was to come with subtle hints in clothing. It also gave me an opportunity to enforce a key story point of one character influencing another. I was able to express this through costume which helped to tie the entire film together.

Can’t Have You

Independent Film

Directed and Written By Mark A. Altman

Can’t Have You is a fun festival flick and was an enjoyable contemporary costume design opportunity.  It was a situational comedy with 8 leads allowing me the opportunity to dive into character development and character arcs. In order to help the audience understand each character’s personality quickly, costume choices were crucial to the story. A personal favorite costume was the 70s futuristic style spacesuit I designed for the opening scene taking place on a TV set within the film.  Check out the diverse wardrobe all together in this enjoyable film!

Night Owls


Directed by Charles Hood

Written by Seth Goldsmith and Charles Hood

This romantic comedy was adorable and relatable.  The modern styling told who each character was. Adam Pally (The Mindy Project) and Rosa Salazar (American Horror Story) had unbelievable chemistry.

A Man Before His Time


I Love You


Nightmare Code

On the Outside

Salvation Road


The Christmas Colt

The Adventures of Don Jon and Don Tu


William the Magnificent